My name is John Fleming. I'm a filmmaker and photographer based in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Here's the short history as to how I got into creating content & why I plan on becoming a film director:

Since early childhood I had loved movies—as most people do—and for most of my life I had done just that—enjoyed movies and TV shows for what they were, which is entertainment. In my last year of high school, I had taken a course on both film and literature and the connectivity between the two art forms. By then I had thought film directors had the coolest, most inspiring jobs ever. However, it never dawned on me as something I could pursue as a career until the summer going into my 2nd year of university. In making that decision, I spent countless hours during my 2nd year of university researching EVERYTHING there was to know about film. By the end of the summer—before going into my 3rd year of university, I had made my first music video—all on my own. Fast forward to one year later, and I've kept improving and trying to expand upon my videography portfolio, slowly working my way into making short films. 

It takes time to organize and figure out films to do. There's a lot that goes behind it that most people don't even think of, or realize. So, in my spare time while I'm not filming or writing ideas for films, I'm taking photos. I started getting into photography as a way to practice my photographic eye—so that when it comes time to film new videos I'll have a better eye for what will look good. Since photography is the settings of the camera, some minimal organizing, and the click of a shutter, I figured it was a great past time to practice my skills in a hands on way.

In both film and photography I find there's a gratifying feeling that comes with capturing a moment, or conveying a feeling or experience, or making people think or feel something from what you've shown them through a lens, and that's why I love creating content

 I am experienced in using all Adobe Creative Suite Programs, including: 

— Adobe Premiere Pro 
— Adobe After Effects 
— Adobe Audition 
— Adobe Lightroom 
— Adobe Photoshop 

Certifications include: 
— Google Trusted Photographer
— Level 4 Local Guide for Google Maps
— Google AdWords Certified

Intersted in working with me?

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